Tankless Water Heaters & Sewer Lines

Laudani Plumbing & Heating is the only name you need to know for heating and plumbing. We provide a range of services, including installation of water heaters and repair of sewer lines.

Water Heaters

Enjoy steamy showers, courtesy of water heaters from our company. Our plumbing and heating professionals combine these specialties to install high-quality tankless water heaters that use less energy to heat the water as it flows to your fixtures.

Sewer Lines

Is your toilet backed up? The problem might extend to somewhere in your sewer line between your bathroom and the road. Call on the expertise of Laudani Plumbing & Heating to handle all kinds of problems with sewer systems. We’ll have you flushing freely in no time.

Water Heater - Sewer Lines

Contact us in Salisbury, Massachusetts, to find out more about our water heaters and sewer lines.